How to distinguish the quality of carbon fiber Fabric?

carbon fiber Fabric

1. look

After checking the color of the carbon fiber cloth to judge the quality, the color of the real carbon fiber cloth is generally bright, uniform, and primary color, while the color of the poor quality carbon fiber cloth is much darker, dry, uneven, and bleached.

2. touch

Generally, the real carbon fiber cloth feels soft and light to the touch, and you can feel whether the tow is uniform after touching it; otherwise, it is likely to be a poor quality carbon fiber cloth.

3. Burn

As the saying goes, "real gold is not afraid of fire", so is carbon fiber cloth. When the real carbon fiber cloth burns, there will be a little spark, and it will return to its original state after it is removed from the fire source, and it will not change for a long time.

The poor quality carbon fiber cloth was burned and the color changed. Poor quality carbon fiber cloth is flammable, and it must be of poor quality if it turns light yellow, white or other ashes after burning.

4. Pull

The real carbon fiber cloth has high strength. Poor quality carbon fiber cloth, very low strength, may be broken by hand.

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